DIMAPCHEM located in Lebanon - Beirut — Dekweneh . a company has the activity to produce chemical formulation & Liquid Paint for Protective and wood finishing coatings, Waterproofing, and decorative outdoor and indoor, & produced liquid paints , varnish , PVA , glue & cosmetics
DIMAPCHEM is handling the production of protective coating for steel marine and flooring covering epoxies acrylic range and synthetics paint beside to some other related specialty chemicals. Also the wood finish covering the most advanced chemical formulation for Nitrocellulose and Polyurethane and acrylic including a wide range of wood stain under latest technology. for indoor paint covering semi latex and vinyl and for outdoor covering latex and textured ,monocouche, maplexine ,and many other specialty construction paint materials beside to the water proof product water base , water repellent and court coating systems DIMAPCHEM is exporting to many countries in Middle east and Africa and it is serving different markets and application fields.
The plant when founded was equipped By an Advanced Laboratory with flexible production equipment to maintain regular the quality of any produced item with accelerated delivery. This Plant is Producing with care any products according to the experience and know how gained from many technical consultants based in Europe.


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